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Genius Messenger Benefits & Features

Orange and yellow customized price tags for Genius Messenger CRM

Customized Labels

Tag your contacts with customized colored labels showing where they are in your sales pipeline and never miss another opportunity!

Icon of blue note pad with red pencil and green lines for Genius Messenger CRM

Personlized Notes

Make, edit, and prioritize notes for each contact so you know what you talked about the last time you talked.

Icon of grey name tag with blue image for Genius Messenger CRM

First Name Field

You can add a field to insert the first name anywhere inside a canned message to make the conversation more personal.

Icon of yellow bell with a red number one for Genius Messenger CRM

Instant Notifications

Set notifications and schedule reminders so you never miss another appointment with a Facebook contact.

Icon of multiple colored templates for Genius Messenger CRM

Global Templates

Categorize canned responses by category for easy organization of your contacts and tags

Icon of blue and green messenger bubbles for Genius Messenger CRM

Canned Responses

Those messages you type over and over again? Save them as canned messages so you can send them with one click of a button, including emojis, and images!

Icon of a blue cloud with data lines going in and out for Genius Messenger CRM

Back Up Client Data

Back up and import your data to secure your information and leads.

Orange boxes on a pallet with blue arrows pointing up for Genius Messenger CRM

Export Data

Export your data to a google sheet to be able to upload to Facebook custom audiences to find more.

Icon of red and black connection points for Genius Messenger CRM

Webhooks (Coming Soon)

Connect software to software and be able to use 1000's more softwares with Genius

Real User Testimonials

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

The developers really knocked this one out of the park! Awesome UX/UI, easy to use and organizes your Facebook Messenger into a true CRM and sales pipeline. Custom labels, canned responses, follow-up notifications & more!

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

WOW! This software has saved me so much time and frustration. Many people who were potential prospects, were lost in the feed and I forgot who was who. Now, with this software, I was able to follow up with 25 prospects in 5 min! So much easier!

Male model for Genius Messenger CRM review

This extension is an absolute must! I was spending SO much time in messenger.. The whole inbox was an absolute mess...I kept forgetting to follow up people ..I felt I was writing the same stuff over and over again. I had to scroll up and see what we had spoken about...I was introduced to Genius CRM... Try it! Nothing to lose, its a free trial!

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

I use messenger a lot for networking with my clients and it can be challenging keeping up notes from conversations and keeping track of who I have spoken to. Genius CRM is saving me so much time already not to mention being able to change the tags as they move through certain parts of my sales process is huge.

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

This is Really a GAME CHANGER... I've been BEGGING for someone to Create an Amazing tool just like this.. Finally Someone Listened!! Canned Messages and appointment setting, reminders, and notes.. wow.. i'm speechless and a customer for LIFE!!

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

This is the most efficient CRM! I love that I can color code my messages and know exactly who I am talking to without having to scroll through days of past messages, all that information is right there with this CRM! A must have for anyone doing business online.

Male model for Genius Messenger CRM review

I've been wanting a tool that allows me to help keep track of all of my conversations inside FB messenger. Finally, there is a tool that can do it! This is fantastic. It helps me organize and keep track of everything in one place! I'd give it a 100 stars if I could!

Female model for Genius Messenger CRM review

Finally! someone has created a game changing Chrome extension, notes, reminders, appointment setting and not to mention my favorite canned responses, massive time saver! Keep track of all your conversations, A must if you network or do any sort of marketing on FB messenger.

Male model for Genius Messenger CRM review
This is the best messenger CRM I have used so far. Before I had this extension on my chrome I was just wasting my time with all my leads to find out whom did I talk to, whom do I have to follow up with etc. But now this extension just made everything easier for me to track. I just love it .

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